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Anybody can be a GREEN ACIVIST! If you are 18 years old or more you can REGISTER here. This is an ONLINE MEMBERSHIP and you could live anywhere in India or another country. You will be a part of a wide ‘Social Network’ that is concerned about the Preservation of Nature.

You could organize various activities that benefit the community you live in. You can interact within our FACEBOOK GROUP “ATMASANGA” and also meet our team in Auroville whenever you visit us and tell us all about your efforts and activities; learning and sharing experiences to benefit the greater cause of saving the Earth.



I am seriously concerned about the ENVIRONMENT and would like to support any genuine effort by ATMASANGA ENVIRONMENT ALLIANCE to campaign for – Preservation of Forests, Protection of Wildlife, Combating Pollution, and Safeguarding Human Health.

By submitting this ONLINE FORM, I understand that I am under NO obligation to provide any kind of PHYSICAL or FINANCIAL participation; except at my own will and discretion.

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