VOLUNTEERS are invited from within India as well as foreign countries. We provide an opportunity for volunteers to experience life in rural India, not normally experienced by any ordinary tourist. There is no fixed duration to volunteer, but a minimum of 60 days would be ideal.

This is an ideal opportunity for students and others who wish to take a break from the monotony of existence and discover the joy of helping others. You could be a young adult or a healthy elder citizen – all are welcome to contribute their ideas, skills and physical work in a variety of projects best suited to their individual temperament.

Volunteers will have to be able to financially support themselves. They could stay at various guest houses affiliated to us for a nominal charge.

Anyone who is interested in enrolling and participating in the Atmasanga Volunteer Program, kindly forward your CV (including a passport size photograph) to the Volunteer Coordinator at info@atmasanga.com

Note: We have strict rules forbidding drug and alcohol abuse and request people who apply for volunteering to abide by our code of conduct.

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