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Welcome to AUROVILLE!

ATMASANGA Volunteers, organize small GROUP TOURS (guided tours) of AUROVILLE on Saturdays as well as working days/weekdays by prior appointment.  The sole purpose of the tour is to help visitors understand the need for ENVIRONMENTAL PRESERVATION.

AUROVILLE is a living laboratory that is finding ways to build a sustainable human future, in the midst of rising consumerism. Visitors to this offbeat tourist spot will probably be surprised by the harmonious lifestyle of this multicultural community. People from all over world have made this their home and mingle freely with the local population in a spirit of caring friendship.

Among the highlights of the AUROVILLE COMMUNITY is the fact that the entire place extending over 2000 acres is covered greenery and trees.  Several smaller communities within AUROVILLE are engaged in all kinds of cottage industries as well as creative and innovative projects such as Low Cost Housing, Waste Water Management, Sustainable Farming, Growing Organic Food, Handicraft, Pottery, etc.

SHOPPING is of course, unavoidable! There is so much to BUY: Clothes, Toys, Foodstuff, Cheese, Incense, Ceramics, Handicraft, etc., all so very well crafted and unique. Visitors usually are fascinated by the Auroville experience, even if they happen to spend a few hours in this awesome place. People always leave with fond memories and with the hope and promise to return for a very long stay!

If you are interested in visiting some of the projects in Auroville, we would be happy to show you around.  We have to obtain permissions from various project managers before visiting; hence there is no fixed tour itinerary. You may write to us your proposed dates and we will try to make it happen. You could also call UDHAY on +91 9843700299. 

If you wish to order FOOD, VEHICLE, and ACCOMODATIONS, you will be directed to other organizations that offer these services either in Auroville or in nearby Pondicherry, depending on your specific needs.

Please note, visitors would be required to PAY IN ADVANCE for all these additional services and facilities. No refunds will be made in case of cancellations.


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