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In India, ‘environmental awareness’ is yet to become a matter of serious concern among the general public. This is mainly due to the fact that in many areas in India, people are struggling to earn enough money to live. Thus, environmental concerns rank very low and people are quite indifferent to the problems related to WASTE DISPOSAL. We have to deal with all kinds of waste – domestic, industrial, medical and electrical/electronic equipment, etc.

Our organization is primarily concerned with DOMESTIC WASTE and WASTE ELECTRONIC & ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. There are various aspects to the problem and can be broadly seen as COLLECTION and DISPOSAL. This includes – public awareness, storage, processing, recycling and recovery.


This is the most obvious and common form of waste that is highly visible all around us. Packing material, carry bags, plastic bottles, etc., are a major component of DOMESTIC WASTE.

Our objective is to create a MODEL PROJECT that can be replicated all over the country in villages, towns and cities. The project will focus on AWARENESS, PARTICIPATION, COLLECTION, STORAGE and RECYCLING.

AWARENESS: Our project will focus on a small town or community where we launch a campaign to make people AWARE of the problem of ‘domestic waste’. We will request them to help keep the environment clean by ‘participating’ in the project. This campaign will be organized by personal contact, community gatherings, schools, etc.

PARTICIPATION:  The people will be requested to ‘participate’ by reducing the use of plastic bags and encouraging re-usable carry bags. They will be also asked to separate their domestic waste mainly into ‘plastic waste’ and ‘kitchen waste’. They will be also advised on ‘hazardous waste’ such as batteries, fluorescent bulbs, electrical junk, etc.

COLLECTION: We will arrange for small ‘collection trucks’ to collect the segregated waste from the houses on a daily basis. This work will be outsourced as a ‘self employment’ scheme to individuals.

STORAGE: The domestic waste will be delivered to a common waste yard where the process of further segregation and disposal is carried out by composting of biodegradable waste and recycling of other waste products either at the same site or in an alternative site in case of toxic substances.

RECYCLING: This stage involves various levels of technology, labor and machinery. Depending on the type of waste we will have to either build infrastructure or outsource the process of recycling to existing facilities in close proximity.



This is a growing menace and poses a very serious threat to the environment. This is s a highly complex waste stream, as it contains both very scarce and valuable as well as highly toxic components. Mobile phones, for instance, consist of up to 1000 different components, many of which contain toxic elements such as lead, cadmium, etc. At present this kind of toxic waste is being recycled by small units across the country without and regulations and with absolutely no safety standards.

ATMASANGA is currently in the process of pioneering a state of the art E-WASTE RECYCLING PLANT that will be able to process and recycle all kinds of electronic waste as well as electrical appliances and equipment safely and profitably. This project will cost about US$ 2 Million and would be equipped to deal with the waste of at least two cities such as Bangalore and Chennai. We will locate the plant in a place that is convenient to cater to both cities. The plant will employ several hundred skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers, besides a host of highly skilled technology professionals.

The proposed E-WASTE RECYCLING project is yet in the drawing board stage and requires inputs from various experts as well as financial commitment by individuals, support from government and participation of the manufacturers of electronic/electrical goods.

If you or anybody you know is interested in offering any kind of support to this very important project, kindly get in touch with us – IMMEDIATELY!

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