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stop_thinkact!ATMASANGA literally means the ‘coming together of souls’. Humans have chosen to ignore the fact that this beautiful world will remain so only if we decide to preserve and protect her. We cannot afford to exploit and plunder our natural resources and defile the environment indefinitely. We have reached a point in time when we should STOP, THINK and ACT!

Atmasanga Environment Alliance is a modest organization that hopes to create a mighty change in the way people think. We are motivated by the ideals of our parent organization AUROVILLE; its greater goal of working towards peace, harmony and human unity.

We invite people from all walks of life to JOIN this campaign to help make a difference by CREATING AWARENESS and by infusing a SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY in our society. It is imperative that we remind ourselves and our fellow beings that THE EARTH DOES NOT BELONG TO US.. WE BELONG TO THE EARTH!




To make the world a better place!

Preserve Forests

Protect Wildlife

Combat Pollution

Safeguard Human Health


AUROVILLE is known the world over for its accomplishments in the field of bio diversity. Over the past several decades a few dedicated people worked together and created a vast man-made forest in several hundred acres of barren land. Auroville is today considered to be heaven on earth, an exhilarating experience; a feeling of being in the midst of a forest. Anybody who visits this lovely place will understand the value of trees and realize that man is capable of positive action when needed.

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Rural EMPLOYMENT & TREE Planting

atmasanga Treeplanting Tree wBURBAN TREE PLANTING

URBAN TREES are extremely important for providing shade, removing air pollutants, reducing rain-water runoff, and providing recreational and aesthetic benefits. The rapid urbanization of India; the disappearance of forests and the urbanization of rural communities are alarming! In the next 20 years or so more than half a billion people would be ‘urbanized’. Therefore, URBAN TREE PLANTING is an urgent concern for all people; let’s start planting trees wherever possible!!!

We have initiated a Project to PLANT TREES in various cities and towns with the participation of residents in these places. While several projects by various NGOs and Government agencies already exist that are focused on URBAN TREE PLANTING, we would aim to make a difference by greater interaction with young people from schools and colleges to build awareness and at the same time encourage and motivate people to plant trees in their home gardens and other accessible areas, where individuals and groups take on the responsibility of caring for the plants.


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