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AUROVILLE is known the world over for its accomplishments in the field of bio diversity. Over the past several decades a few dedicated people worked together and created a vast man-made forest in several hundred acres of barren land. Auroville is today considered to be heaven on earth, an exhilarating experience; a feeling of being in the midst of a forest. Anybody who visits this lovely place will understand the value of trees and realize that man is capable of positive action when needed.

You are obviously concerned about the very serious environmental issues that we in India face as a developing nation. It is not simply a matter of accusing each other for the problems. We are all equally responsible for our environment. We are so completely dependent on all kinds of modern equipment and gadgets that life seems impossible without a fan, air conditioner, car, TV, etc. We have no choice but to live in modern cities and towns for our livelihood.

Is there anything that we, together can do to make our cities more livable? Of course we can! We can stop wasting water, we can reduce plastic waste by re-using shopping bags, we can reduce air pollution by not driving around in our cars whenever we can avoid it, and above all ….. WE CAN PLANT TREES!

We plant trees primarily for their beauty and to provide shade; they also do create many other benefits. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, from the air and release oxygen. A few ‘TREE FACTS’ that most of us are not aware . . .

If you wish to be a part of the SOLUTION and not just the PROBLEM please SUPPORT the Campaign launched and managed by ATMASANGA ENVIRONMENT ALLIANCE based in Auroville.

Thank you for reading this message. Please spread the word – and make a difference!

NOTE: All Donations in India are eligible for INCOME TAX EXEMPTION under section 80G of IT Act 


(You will be taken to State Bank India’s Payment Gateway of ATMASANGA)


This is what it really costs . . .

Rs 1000

100 Tree Saplings

(3-4 month old saplings in poly bags) 

Rs 5000

15 Tree Guards 

 (Made up of UV Resistant PVC Mesh)

Rs 6000

200 Trees – Manual Planting


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