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Urban Tree Planting

URBAN TREES are extremely important for providing shade, removing air pollutants, reducing rain-water runoff, and providing recreational and aesthetic benefits. The rapid urbanization of India; the disappearance of forests and the urbanization of rural communities are alarming! In the next 20 years or so more than half a billion people would be ‘urbanized’. Therefore, URBAN TREE PLANTING is an urgent concern for all people; let’s start planting trees wherever possible!!!

ATMASANGA have initiated a Project to PLANT TREES in various cities and towns with the participation of residents in these places. We aim to make a difference by interacting with young people in schools and colleges to build awareness and a sense of responsibility. We also use the social media to encourage and motivate people to plant trees in their home gardens and other accessible areas.

We have launched the first phase of the campaign in Pondicherry and suburbs of Chennai. We have so far been able to distribute a large variety of FREE tree saplings in several places.  We engage people of each locality to participate in the campaign by committing themselves to being “CARETAKERS of TREES”; watering and caring for the little plants until they grow into self-sustaining, productive trees. We have planted and distributed over 10,000 tree saplings during the first year of the campaign in Pondicherry, Villupuram region and Chennai suburbs. Soon we hope to spread our project and know-how to other cities with the help of concerned citizens those places.

Where do we get funding for this campaign? At present the funds are provided by a few friends of Atmasanga. Frankly, we do need quite a bit of manpower and money to keep things moving. We have set up a plant nursery that needs maintenance. We also have to transport the saplings to various places, provide tree guards, dig holes, etc. All this means expenditure. We hope and believe that many people will come forward to support this effort in the days ahead.

OUR URGENT WISH LIST: We appeal to corporate houses and individuals to generously donate towards our campaign. Listed below are some of our recurring and current requirements (DONATIONS are eligible for Tax exemption in India under section 80G of IT Act):

1) Maintenance of Plant Nursery (labor, water, electricity, etc.)

2) Purchase of Tree Guards (for outdoors)

3) Purchase of ‘Earth Auger’ (power tool for digging holes)

4) Purchase of Pickup Truck for transport of saplings and volunteers

atmasanga tree planting price

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One large tree can supply a day’s supply of oxygen for four people.

 A healthy tree can store 6 Kilos of carbon each year; for an acre of trees that equals 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide.

 Each liter of petrol/diesel burned produces almost 10 kilos of carbon dioxide.

 If you drive a car, about 20,000 KM/Year, you will need to plant 300 Trees to compensate the carbon emission for next 10 years.

 A single large tree cools the atmosphere as much as 10 room air conditioners!

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