Plant a tree . . . Plant a hope! " Urban Tree Planting " by ATMASANGA Your city needs you!


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“Atmasanga Environment Alliance is a modest organization that hopes to create a mighty change in the way people think. We are motivated by the ideals of our parent organization AUROVILLE; its greater goal of working towards peace, harmony and human unity.”

ATMASANGA is backed by decades of experience and wisdom derived from its parent organization AUROVILLE, a well-known treasure house of natural wealth. Participation of diverse communities, foreigners and locals has proved that people largely do care about the environment and are capable of being responsible. Taking a cue from this path breaking experiment of nature preservation, Atmasanga has designed a few programs that would take on board people from all walks of life and inspire people outside of Auroville as well; Urban Tree Planting, Plastic Waste Reduction, E-Waste Recycling, Waste Water Recycling, etc.


Udhayanan Radhakrishnan

(Udhayanan Radhakrishnan)

 EXECUTIVE (Full Time)

Udhayanan Radhakrishnan, is a full time Member of AUROVILLE FOUNDATION. He is now a ‘green activist’, having given up a lucrative career in the United Kingdom as an IT professional to rediscover his roots in Auroville. He set up ATMASANGA with the sole purpose of generating awareness about various environmental issues and finding practical solutions for day to day problems. He has created a team of volunteers from different walks of life to help him implement projects such as TREE PLANTING, REUSABLE BAGS PRODUCTION, ECO TOURS and CAMPAIGN AGAINST PLASTIC WASTE. Currently, he is seeking expertise and collaboration to set up an E-Waste Recycling plant.







Vijay S.J. is a retired businessman with vast experience in Advertising and Digital/Social Media Marketing. He is highly creative and knowledgeable in various spheres of business and contributes his time towards Atmasanga whenever needed. He was till 2010, the CEO of a software development company that was based in London and had its offshore unit in Auroville for about a decade. He contributes his skills via project management, technological inputs, public relations and commercial advice.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Jeyaraj S, a professional IT Consultant helps us with all our website development activities. He is responsible for maintaining and running our website, designing banners, print design for cotton bags, publicity material, etc.


Aishwarya Iyer, a TOURISM professional, MBA from Pondicherry University is currently working in the Hospitality sector. She helps with organizing ECO TOURS for foreign and domestic tourists who travel to India and wish to learn about the activities in Auroville and surrounding region.


K.S. Sutheer, a hobbyist and an experienced horticulturist. He manages the tree nursery where saplings are grown and nurtured for forestation and urban greening. He is caretaker of our private guest house and helps with TREE PLANTING projects by organizing workers and volunteers from local schools and colleges and village folk.

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