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Plastic bag litter is a VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM! Since their introduction trillions of plastic bags have been used and discarded globally. Since they are not biodegradable, they could be around in the environment for up to 1,000 years or more. Plastics do not bio degrade, they photo degrade or breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic bits! These light-weight shopping bags, designed for single-use are easily carried by wind, escaping from rubbish bins and landfills. In landfills, plastic bags sit for roughly 1,000 years before decomposing and release toxic chemicals into the soil during decomposition.

Worldwide, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used annually.
Although plastic bags are recyclable, less than 3% of them actually are.
An estimated 4 billion plastic bags end up as litter each year worldwide.



The idea of REUSABLE BAGS is self-explanatory . . .  the volume of waste plastic is reduced! The common practice of buying groceries in plastic carry bags is causing a huge problem in India. Windblown plastic carry bags litter the surroundings, making fields unproductive, as rainwater percolation and seed germination are affected.  Cows are seen feeding on plastic bags; sometimes get ill and even die from an accumulation of plastic film in their gut. Millions of tons of plastic waste are choking our environment. THIS MUST STOP NOW!

By using cloth bags (cotton/jute) instead of plastic, we can make a positive impact on the environment. Jute and cotton bags are ideal for the environment given their degradability, durability and ecofriendly nature The solution to this hazardous problem is using bags which can be ‘Reused’ more than just once. Since the fabric used to manufacture reusable bags are mainly jute and cotton, the bags can be used for a longer duration.


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ATMASANGA is now gearing up to launch its very first CAMPAIGN . . . by creating awareness about the need to STOP USING PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS.

We believe it is important to FIND SOLUTIONS to problems and not merely talk about them. We have therefore worked out a plan to produce and distribute REUSABLE BAGS made of Cotton and Jute. These bags will be manufactured and marketed by us at very affordable prices.


There are vested interests and lobbies that are concerned with the loss of revenue from plastics if we stop using their bags. These people argue that REUSABLE BAGS made from cotton or jute requires ‘more energy to manufacture’ they claim, one cloth bag requires as much energy as the equivalent of 28 plastic bags. This is TRUE … but it does have a considerably longer lifespan! If you “RE-USE” as many times as possible, maybe be even a thousand times, the argument becomes pointless; and then above all it is easily degradable and unlikely to cause as much damage as plastics!

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